NZG since 1968

Company history

The foundation of NZG Nürnberger Zinkdruckguss-Modelle GmbH (NZG) on 1st October 1968 marked the beginning of a success story that the two partners Betty Hauer and Gerhard Schmid could not have imagined at the time. Initially still in cramped rooms on the 3rd floor of a furniture store in Tafelfeldstraße, the first NZG model was raised from its cradle: the Weserhütte HW70 with the article number 101.  

Soon, the steadily increasing demand for high-quality NZG models made it necessary to move to larger premises. Suitable space was found at Sigmundstraße 147, the present company headquarters, and in 1985 the company expanded to 3,000 m². In addition to the administration, the premises also housed the mould making department, the paint shop, the production department and the warehouse and shipping department. At peak times, more than 400,000 models were manufactured there annually and shipped worldwide.

In 1986, the daughters of the two company founders, Inge Ludwig (née Schmid) and Hannelore Hauer, joined the company and gradually took on more responsibility for the further development of the company. Thus, the course was set early on for a planned generational change, which was underpinned by the takeover of company shares until the retirement of the company founders Betty Hauer and Gerhard Schmid.

In 2000, Hannelore Hauer decided to sell her company shares to the Ludwig family. Since the middle of 2000, Inge Ludwig and her husband Michael Ludwig, who has also been with the company since 1988, have been the sole managing partners of NZG.

On 1 July 2021, Mark Ludwig, son of Inge and Michael Ludwig, joined NZG to successfully lead the company into the third generation.   

NZG today

Since the foundation of the company, decisions have been made, measures taken and activities undertaken on an ongoing basis to ensure that NZG can continue to compete successfully in the global model market. In the meantime, mould making and production have been outsourced to meet the demands of the market.

The model range has also been realigned over time: The main focus of our product range and product development continues to be construction machinery - and commercial vehicle models in 1:50 scale, but other scales and models attributable to other product lines, such as lifting platforms, crane and road construction models, as well as historical models, are also in the current range.

In addition, more and more special paint jobs in individual customer colours are being offered and are popular with a wide variety of customers - from smaller concrete plants, haulage companies and crane rental firms to construction companies operating worldwide.

To date, NZG has developed and produced over 900 different model types and delivered them to over 80 countries.

Commitment and vision

Today NZG stands worldwide as a guarantor for high quality scale models made of zinc die-cast. Highest possible detailing, functionality and quality in execution are the focus of our joint work during development and production. In the future, we want to emphasise this claim and our core competencies even more as a quality brand.

The consistent implementation of customer wishes, absolute reliability in terms of deadlines as well as customer-oriented after-sales and spare parts service distinguish us. Our will and our endeavour is to meet the demands and model wishes of both the „global players“ and „hidden champions“ of the industry as well as those of serious model collectors.

These demands can only be met when conceptual thinking and meticulous concentration on details harmonise with each other.