Information on the disposal of spent Batteries and Accumulators (Battery Law)

Instructions for the disposal of old batteries and accumulators (Battery Act)

Information relating to the Battery Act

The following instructions are oriented to those persons, who use batteries and no longer resell these in the form delivered to them (end user):


1. Free take back of old batteries

Batteries may not be disposed of through the household waste. You are obliged to return old batteries by law. As distributors of batteries we are obliged to take old batteries back (with the exception of products with installed old batteries) whereby our take-back obligation is limited to old batteries of the type, which we keep or kept as new batteries in our range of products as well as to the quantity, which end users usually dispose of. You can therefore either return old batteries to us with sufficient postage or hand them in directly to our shipment warehouse free of charge at the following address:


NZG Nürnberger Zinkdruckguss-Modelle GmbH

Managing Directors: Ms Inge Ludwig, Mr Michael Ludwig

Sigmundstraße 147

90431 Nuremberg

2. Meaning of the battery symbols

Batteries are marked with the symbol of a crossed out rubbish bin (see below). Batteries containing pollutants are specially marked with chemical symbols. With batteries, which contain more than 0,0005 per cent by weight mercury, more than 0,002 per cent by weight cadmium or more as 0,004 per cent by weight lead, the chemical designation of the respectively used pollutant can be found under the rubbish bin symbol–"Cd" stands for cadmium, "Pb" stands for lead and "Hg" for mercury.


You have the possibility to also read this information once again in the accompanying documents of the goods shipment or in the operating instructions of the manufacturer.